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Does an electric car also have to be inspected?

Yes, of course! A vehicle inspection also applies to electric and hybrid cars, just like cars with an internal combustion engine. The checkpoints that are carried out here are about the same as with a fuel car. In addition to this, the electric powertrain and its components is also checked.

Which kind of inspection applies to electric vehicles?

The majority is the same as for Internal Cumbustion Engine vehicles except some differences:

  • No emission control needed

  • Battery performance and health is checked (with report)

  • Verification of existing trouble codes

  • Check for issues with battery cooling system, and electrical connections.


Has your electric car been inspected? Make an appointment at a NexDrive service point!

All NexDrive service points have technicians and experts that specialize in performing inspections for electric and hybrid cars. You can easily find the nearest NexDrive service point through our location locator on the website. Our EV specialists are ready for you!

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Pay attention: An inspection is not the same as a maintenance or service check

It is important to know that an electric car is safe thanks to an inspection but it does not always mean that it has been fully maintained. The inspection is only a check on safety and the environment and no maintenance or service. So always have your electric or hybrid car well maintained outside any inspection. For example, we recommend that you have a periodic maintenance and service every 2 years or at 30,000 km. In addition, wear parts should be checked regularly and replaced where necessary. Your NexDrive service point can of course combine these activities with each other if you make an appointment for this.

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