An alternative to dealerships for electric or hybrid vehicles

Your OE dealer is not the only solution for maintaining and repairing your electric or hybrid vehicle. You can rely on NexDrive while retaining the manufacturer’s warranty. 

Our certified repair shops are equipped with the latest technology and have the same software, diagnostic tools and genuine parts as your OE dealer. Our technicians and technical advisors have undergone some of the most comprehensive training in the industry. They are highly qualified and certified to maintain and repair all types of electric, hybrid and next-generation vehicles.

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Why NexDrive?

For personalized, quality service, certified technicians, up-to-date knowledge and software for all brands. We offer fast, reliable solutions.

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Added value

We offer the most specialized services, and you keep your manufacturer’s warranty.

All makes of vehicles

We maintain and repair all makes of vehicles. We have access to maintenance and repair information from all original equipment manufacturers.


We’re a national network of local, independent repair shops. Powered by NAPA, your local NexDrive centre has access to the country’s largest inventory of quality parts.


Our technicians are certified, and our repair shops are state-of-the-art. We comply with the latest safety standards.


Our approach is focused on energy transition and sustainable mobility. We aim to make your vehicle last as long as possible while reducing waste. Our motivation is to help accelerate the transition to zero-emission vehicles.

An expanding network

An expanding network

We’re a national network of independent repair shops. Across Canada, our NexDrive facilities are associated with NAPA Auto Parts, the country’s leading auto parts distributor. All our shops are specially certified and equipped to maintain and repair electric and hybrid vehicles. New repair shops join NexDrive every month.

What does electric vehicle maintenance mean?

Considering our Canadian climate, we recommend maintaining your electric vehicle annually.

Your electric vehicle may not have a combustion engine, but it shares up to 85% of its components with conventional vehicles. The motor, gearbox or charging system require little maintenance, but operating your vehicle in a Canadian climate requires other maintenance activities to be carried out periodically. In addition, your electric vehicle is a trove of innovation that calls for the most specialized technicians.

Discover our maintenance and repair services

Tips and tricks for electric vehicle drivers

Our NexDrive experts will tell you all about your vehicle, such as what to look out for and their experience with EVs so you can get the most out of your electric car.

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Repair shop owners, join the NexDrive network

NexDrive benefits for repair shop owners.

Growth in 100% electric vehicle sales

Sales of electric and hybrid vehicles are growing exponentially. Be ready to meet the market! The NexDrive network supports you every step of the way.

Canada’s most comprehensive training

We offer Canada’s most comprehensive certification and mandatory training program for repairing electric and hybrid vehicles.

Support and tools for world-class service

We offer all the support, tools, equipment and software your repair shop needs to deliver expert, personalized, quality service.

Marketing optimized by NAPA

Turnkey solutions with point-of-sale promotional materials, NexDrive website promotion, public relations planning, digital content strategy, visibility at electric vehicle shows and more! Benefit from NAPA’s marketing force at work for you.