Why join NexDrive?

NexDrive is reinventing the Canadian automotive service industry. We can help your business transition to the next generation of cars and drivers. NexDrive provides automotive service providers with the data, tools and knowledge to maintain and repair all makes and models of electric and hybrid vehicles.

A market driven by regulations

It’s official: by 2035, new combustion-powered vehicles will no longer be authorized for sale. The market for zero-emission vehicles is therefore supported by legislative framework and customer acceptability. Indeed, the reduction of emissions is at the heart of the current debate, encouraging the production and distribution of electric and hybrid vehicles across the country.

An opportunity to respond to the market by being a major player in a changing industry

20% more tires

Electric vehicles deliver stronger acceleration due to greater engine torque than combustion-powered vehicles, as well as more weight to manage.

Source: Syndicat du pneu 2020 data

Battery maintenance

Seize the opportunity to offer your customers solutions otherwise reserved for OE dealers, and keep your loyal customers by being at the cutting edge of technology.

New maintenance opportunities

Motor, reductor, inverters, extenders, etc. Electric vehicles require the maintenance of many new automotive parts.

The 4 pillars of the NexDrive network

We offer a complete range of services to support you in the maintenance and repair of electric and hybrid vehicles. Our program is based on 4 pillars that will prepare you for the future.

Join the NexDrive network

A complete range of parts and products

NexDrive gives you access to a complete range of specialized, quality parts and equipment from the country’s largest inventory: NAPA Auto Parts.

Through this network, you can also :

  • Make contact with potential new suppliers.
  • Be part of a "research" communication network among NAPA stores and participating repair shops.
  • Develop relationships, expertise and knowledge with our product development team.

NAPA High-Voltage program

This program gives you access to:

  • Specialists for electric and hybrid vehicle parts.
  • The most rigorous certification in Canada, as well as all mandatory training for parts specialists.
  • A technical hotline.
  • Lists of equipment and tools recommended by NAPA.
  • A discussion forum for members of the NAPA High-Voltage Program.

Auditing for repair shops

This program, offered only to the NAPA AUTOPRO network, includes :

  • Biannual safety standard compliance verification.
  • Trained and certified technicians.
  • Technical advisors trained in the NAPA Canada program.
  • Electric charging stations.
  • Tools and minimum required safety equipment.
  • NexDrive brand display.


Take advantage of NAPA’s marketing power at work for you:

  • Complete kit of point-of-sale promotional materials.
  • Featured on the NexDrive website.
  • Public relations plan, including trade publications.
  • Digital content strategy.
  • Visibility at electric vehicle shows.
  • Involvement with social groups and electric vehicle communities.
  • Much more!

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