Air Conditioning and Heating Systems for Electric Vehicles

Unlike internal combustion engine vehicles that generate heat to warm the cabin, electric vehicles use their own energy for heating and air conditioning. These systems play an essential role in passenger comfort and overall efficiency.

Electric vehicles mostly use heat pump systems and a compressor. These devices transfer heat from the environment to the interior of the vehicle and are efficient, even at low temperatures. This technology enables the cabin to be heated without relying solely on electric resistance heating, which tends to consume more energy.

Cabin Air Filter Inspection and Replacement

Your vehicle’s cabin air filter should be inspected every year, and replaced according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. The rule of thumb is to replace the filter every year. With the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system in constant operation, the filter is under great strain. If it is clogged, you could lose precious kilometres due to increased heat pump operation.

Periodic inspections of the entire HVAC system help ensure a more enjoyable and efficient driving experience.

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