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Maintenance on an electric car

Maintaining your electric car

Service & maintenance for an electric car

Just like a traditional fuel car, it is important for an electric car to get regular service and maintenance. A major advantage here is that electric cars generally require less maintenance than fuel cars due to the fact that they have fewer moving parts compared to an Internal Combustion Engine, and therefore less wear-sensitive, parts. This saves you time and costs!

The propulsion system of an electric car consists of an electric motor, an inverter and a charger. Traditional maintenance, such as changing engine oil, is therefore no longer necessary. However, there are a number of other maintenance work that must be performed periodically on an electric car. We explain these further below.

What type of maintenance does a electric car need?

Periodic Service

During a periodic service, your electric car is checked for the most important safety points. The advice is to have this done every 2 years or at 30,000 km. Are you curious about what is checked during a periodic inspection service?

Checking wear parts

A number of parts within an electric car wear out faster than with a fuel car. These parts should therefore be checked regularly and, where necessary, replaced. See which parts are concerned and make a workshop appointment.


Vehicle inspection

Just like for cars with an Internal Combustion Engine, an inspection is recommended before buying an electric or hybrid vehicle and make sure all is in perfect condition. Checking the health of the battery is of course crucial. But there are also other components that requires your attention as they are the same as traditional vehicles. 

Need advice? 
Call your NexDrive service centre!

All NexDrive service centres are specialists in the field of electric and hybrid cars. They can advise you on what type of maintenance your electric car currently requires. So, are you in doubt? Feel free to call a NexDrive service centre. Our specialists are ready for you!

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