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Checking wear parts

And if necessary replacing it

Which parts are prone to wear?

Parts such as brakes, tires and suspension elements are subject to wear. They should be checked regularly and replaced if necessary. Below we explain per category why this part is prone to wear and what needs to be replaced in some cases.

Brakes & Tires

An electric car is generally heavier than a gasoline vehicle. This has to do with the heavy battery pack. In addition, thanks to a higher power available immediately (more torque) electric cars can generally accelerate faster than fuel cars. This tempts many EV drivers to accelerate quickly, for example at a traffic light or intersection, more often than before. Due to all these factors, your car tires as well as your brake pads and discs can wear out faster than what you are used to. On the contrary, users driving more gently and leveraging regenative braking power at its maximum will hardly use their brakes. And in the context of Canadian weather, this can lead to costly issues in the long run because of salt used to de-ice roads and severe conditions your vehicle will experience during winter. Your driving style will impact a lot the maintenance required but it will be anyways required to avoid costly future repairs.

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Filters and wiper blades

As with any other vehicle, windshield wipers also need to be replaced periodically on electric cars. This prevents dangerous situations such as poor visibility due to old wiper blades. We recommend replacing them annually.

Same for filters installed on your vehicle such as the cabin air filter. It is recommended to replace these filters every 2 years to ensure proper filtration and efficiency of you A/C system. A lack of maintenance of your A/C system could impact your vehicle's effective range!

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Would you like to make a maintenance or service appointment?

Would you like to schedule an appointment for a service check of the wearing parts in your electric or hybrid car? Click on the link below and find your nearest NexDrive service point. Appointments can be made by telephone and email. Our specialists are ready for you!

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