Locating and Accessing the Charging Port

Uncovering the location and opening the charging port on your Tesla Model Y is no big deal. The Model Y charging port is usually situated towards the rear of the vehicle on the driver's side. A gentle press on the charging port door will open it, revealing the iconic Tesla charging port designed to accommodate various charging cables. If you encounter any issues, ensure your car is unlocked, inspect the charging cable connection, or consider restarting your Model Y. If issues persist, it's advisable to contact your nearest NexDrive service centre.                    

White Tesla Model Y charging with a home charging unit.


Decoding the Charging Process

Charging your Tesla Model Y is a simple task with several options to suit your lifestyle. The most prevalent methods include home charging using a standard electrical outlet or a dedicated home charging station, utilizing public charging stations, or relying on the Tesla Supercharger network for quick charges. Whether you're charging at home for convenience or using public charging stations while on the go, always have the necessary adapters and cables for seamless Tesla Model Y charging. Your Tesla Model Y has a Type 2 charging port. See here for an overview of the various charging ports available in EVs.

Charging Status and Optimal Practices

Monitoring your charging status is effortless with the Tesla mobile app, which provides real-time updates on battery level, charging speed, and estimated completion time. To optimize charging time and speed, consider using a dedicated Tesla Wall Connector or a Tesla Supercharger. For daily use, charging to about 80% is recommended for optimal battery health, saving 100% charges for longer trips. Maximize charging efficiency by pre-conditioning your Model Y before charging, keeping the charging port clean, and avoiding extreme temperatures during charging.

Manually Releasing the Charge Cable

There might be instances when you need to manually release the charge cable from your Tesla Model Y due to a power outage or vehicle malfunction. In such situations, locate the manual release lever in the rear trunk, gently pull to release, and then carefully disconnect the charge cable. Always ensure the charging port door is securely closed afterward. Remember to handle the manual release process carefully to avoid any potential damage to the Tesla Model Y charging port.


For further maintenance or repairs to your charging port on your Tesla Model Y, visit your nearest NexDrive service centre today.

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