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Man kijkt op zijn tablet en staat naast een futuristische auto in een garage.

Service network for next generation vehicles

NexDrive takes care of everything in the field of technology and marketing

  • Training, education and equipment
  • Comprehensive marketing support
  • Business and technical support services

In addition to significant technical support, NexDrive propels you in the field of marketing

Because every driver must know that with a new generation vehicle, they can still go to their local repair shop. Trusted quality, but next level technology.

When you register as a NexDrive facility, your facility will receive an extensive package of promotional material. We make sure that the outside of your business clearly shows that you are a NexDrive service location. In addition, we are continuously working on your online visibility. We promote your company through the website, social media (Facebook posts and advertising) and through many other National marketing initiatives.

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Contact us today to be ready for tomorrow. For the new generation of vehicles.