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Man kijkt op zijn tablet en staat naast een futuristische auto in een garage.

Maintenance and repair of electric and hybrid vehicles

At NexDrive you have come to the right place

  • Your trusted independent automotive repair shop

  • Specialists in electric and hybrid vehicles

    Always retain your factory warranty

Ready for the future

NexDrive is a service network of independent automotive repair shops that specialize in the maintenance of electric and hybrid cars. All technicians are NexDrive certified and carry out maintenance and repairs down to the last detail according to factory guidelines. When you take your car to a NexDrive service location for maintenance or repair, your vehicle also retains the manufacturer's warranty. NexDrive also supports all specially trained technicians with the right tools and materials. They have everything you need to optimally maintain your electric or hybrid car!

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You do not have to go to the dealership with your electric or hybrid vehicle

Many consumers believe that maintenance and repair of electric or hybrid vehicles can only be carried out by the dealers. This is absolutely not the case. Even with your electric vehicle you can still go to the same trusted garage around the corner. As with an Internal Combustion Engine vehicle, all NexDrive service points have access to the same software, fault information and genuine parts as the original dealers.


The guarantees of NexDrive

  • Retention of factory warranty
  • Experts in all brands
  • Access to original manufacturer data
  • The most modern electrical reading equipment and tools
  • Always up-to-date software
  • Qualified and continuously trained automotive technicians
  • Specialist in maintenance on hybrid and electric vehicles
  • Complies with the latest safety regulations
  • Service from your trusted independent automotive repair shop


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All NexDrive service locations are specialists in the field of electric and hybrid vehicles. They can advise you on what type of maintenance your electric car currently needs. Unsure what your hybrid or electric vehicle needs? Call your local NexDrive facility. Our specialists are ready for you!

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Maintenance of your electric or hybrid car Frequently asked questions