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The growth of fully electric cars

The supply of electric cars has increased slowly in recent years but is now gaining momentum.


The opportunity for you to maintain and repair electric vehicles is increasing.
Is your facility ready for these new vehicles?

  • How can you, as an independent garage, continue to respond to new technologies time and again?

    NexDrive is here to help you get ready for the next step. For the next motorist and whatever form of propulsion will be utilized in the future.

  • NAPA AUTOTECH : Here to help you get the expertise for Electric Vehicles

    A complete package of technical support and certified training in electric and hybrid vehicles

    Want to keep your technicians updated with current technology? Do you want to have access all the equipment to be able to communicate with any type of car?
    Take advantage of NAPA Autotech training and support.

  • Start now your process to be Nexdrive

    Technology, Marketing and Support

    NexDrive takes care of everything in the field of technology and marketing. New electric vehicle and hybrid drivers need to know that they can still contact their own garage for maintenance, repair, and service on their new EV. Would you like to become a NexDrive facility?

No more telling 'no' to EV and hybrid customers

These facilities have already decided to join NexDrive. As a NexDrive service facility, they have everything they need to provide electric and hybrid cars with the right maintenance and service.

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